Moving A Folio To Another Room In LodgeWright

To transfer a guest from one room to another use the main menu item Front Office / Front Desk / Transfer Between Rooms.  If LodgeWright is already in Front Desk mode, with the room status grid showing, you may also click on the <Transfer> button at the lower right of the window.


The room transfer window will display all of the currently occupied rooms in a list at the left.  Click on one to display the transfer options for that room.  In the case below there is a single folio so that transferring the guest will close the room as well and make it available to the reservation calendar.


A list of available rooms is shown on the right.  Only empty rooms are shown.  You cannot transfer a guest or a folio to an already occupied room.  Click on the room to which you wish to transfer the guest.  Then click on the button <Transfer Selection Option to Selected Room> to effect the transfer.


You will be asked to confirm your selection.  Before the guest is transferred out of the first room and into the second.

The folio will be transferred to the new room, the old room will be closed, and LodgeWright will place you in the Folio Editor with the guest in the new room.

In multiple folio rooms the situation is only a little more involved.  When you click on a room in the left hand list that has multiple folios you will see a list of folios on the right side.  You may select to move all folios at once, or move just one folio to a different room, as shown in the example below.


Select the folio to be moved, the new room and click on the Transfer button.


Confirm your selection.


The folio will be transferred to a new room and LodgeWright will place you in the Folio Edit screen for that room.  The old room will now contain only the folios which were not transferred.  You cannot transfer more than one folio at a time.

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