Transferring Charges Between Folios in LodgeWright

It is very easy to transfer charges from one folio to another within a room.  If a room has multiple folios, or “Split Folio” you will be required to select the folio you wish to edit as you enter the room.  If there are outstanding telephone charges that have been posted to the room you will go through the process described below to assign telephone charges to the appropriate folio before you select a folio to edit.

The process of transferring charges when they are not unassigned telephone charges begins with entering any of the folios in the room and clicking on the button <Transfer Folio Charges> in the lower left corner of the window.  Note in the example below there are three folios, each with a different guest name.


the folio charge transfer window will come up with a list of all of the “Other Charges” assigned to the room.  The folio to which they are currently assigned will be shown in the left-most column, with the name of the guest on that folio immediately beside it.  The items are listed in order by folio number and then by the date and time of the posting of the item to the folio.  Items with the Description column reading “Miscellaneous and Telephone” are header items that are added when a folio is first opened and are not transferable.  Note below that items posted to other folios which are transferred later to their current folio may be listed first, before the header line, if the folio was opened after the item was initially posted.

Find the item to be transferred by using the scroll bar to the left of the yellow grid of items.  To transfer the item click on it and hold down the mouse button.  You will see the line selected turn cyan and a large, black arrow pointing to the right. Drag the item to the folio you want by continuing to hold down the mouse button while you move the arrow to the folio on the right of the window to which you wish to transfer the item.


When the target folio turns red you may release the mouse button to transfer the item.  If you release the mouse button before the folio turns red it will not be transferred.


Before the item is transferred you will be asked to confirm the selection.  Please note in the picture below that the item selected is still showing that it is posted to Folio 2, Marion Mackee.


Confirming the selection will result in the item being transferred to the new folio.  Note that the item is now posted to Folio 3, Joe Johnson.


That’s it!  When you return to the folio and click the <Other Charges> button you will see that the transferred item is now listed in the new folio and is not listed in the old one.  All folio charges will have been adjusted for the transfer of the posted item.

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