Checking In A Reservation With LodgeWright

The easiest way to check in a reservation is from the Front Desk Room Status displayFront_Desk_Room_Status_Display.  This is the primary display  when you are at any Front Desk menu item.  It shows all the units by name and their current status.  If there is a reservation booked for a unit the reservation symbol, , will be displayed in the cell representing the unit.  If you move to that cell by either clicking on it with the mouse or by using the arrow keys to move the focus (green color) to that cell, information concerning the reservation will be shown at the bottom right corner of the screen.


Simply click on the <Check In> button with the mouse.  You will be prompted to select your user name and enter your PIN to continue.

If the reservation is not a group reservation or an inventory reservation, after entering your PIN the reservation will be automatically checked into the room and the next screen you will see will be the folio screen with the guest already checked in.   Thatís all there is to it!


Alternatively, you may select the reservation to check in from the main menu.  Go to Front Office / Front Desk / Check In With A Reservation.  You will then have to enter your employee PIN as usual.



You will then see the Reservation selection screen, where you enter the information necessary to retrieve the reservation.  By default the screen comes up with the current date filled in and nothing else.  You may search by any combination of parameters.  If you enter anything into the Confirmation Number box all other fields will be cleared and only the confirmation number will be used to search.

Simply pressing the <Enter> key or clicking on <Continue> will search the reservations database for all reservations that match the search criteria.  If you havenít entered anything else, all reservations due to check in on the current date will be retrieved. 

It is possible to delete the date and retrieve reservations whose check in dates are not the current date in the computer.  LodgeWright will not allow these reservations to be checked in.


If reservations are found by the search the first one will be displayed in the next screen.  A drop down box at the bottom of the form will contain a list of all the reservations found which match your search criteria.  You may select any of these.  Once selected you may click on <Continue> to check them in.  At that point you are in the folio with the guest checked in.

Group reservations and Inventory reservations are only a little more involved.


Checking in a Tour Group

Checking in a tour group begins just as checking in any other reservation.  You select the check in process, enter your payroll PIN and, if you are using the main menu selection, choosing the reservation to check in.  At that point LodgeWright recognizes that it is a tour group and instructs you to select a Master Room and print a rooming list.


You will then see a list of rooms reserved with the group, along with names of guests if there is a rooming list.  If there is a rooming list you should print it at this time so that you can give the list of room assignments to the tour leader.  Note that room assignments cannot be changed at this time.  Room assignments can only be made in the reservation before check in or by going to each individual folio after check in.


After printing the rooming list click on the room you want the tour leader to stay in.  This will be the master room and will show all charges for the group, including any telephone charges from calls placed in any of the groupís rooms.


After selecting the groupís master room click on <Continue With Selected Unit>.  All of the rooms in the group will be checked in and guests assigned if there is a rooming list.  If there is not a rooming list the last name assigned to each room will indicate that it is a tour group room assigned to the master room. 

While the group is being processed a window will show the progress on screen.


Next you will see the folio of the Master Room, and will be given the opportunity to set deposits, accept payment, etc. just as you would with a normal folio.


The tour group rooms may be accessed just as any other room, but you may not change anything except the names and addresses.  You may also print guest passes and create secondary folios so that multiple guests will be visible in the guest directory.


The guest directory can be used to quickly determine which rooms belong to a group and to print rooming lists after check in.  The guest directory is accessed by clicking the  icon in the LodgeWright toolbar at the top of the screen.  Note that group rooms are identified by the master room under the column labeled "Group".  You may produce a list of only those rooms belonging to specific group by using the <Search By Comments> button.  Note in the secondary room above that the comments of the secondary rooms contain the phrase GROUPTOUR@101.  You can search on this phrase to produce a list of all the secondary rooms in a group.


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