LodgeWright Automatic Payroll Calculation

Automatic payroll calculation will automatically process and calculate payroll checks for all employees who have current timesheets that were closed as of the previous calendar day.  A current timesheet is one that has not been processed through a payroll calculation.  A closed timesheet is one that has a logged time out that is different from the logged time in.

If you have timesheets that are closed on the current day and you want them included in the payroll you will have to process them manually.


You have the option of viewing each check as it is created in a way that allows you to modify the figures on the check before it is saved in the check register.  If you choose <No> on this form the each check will be displayed for two seconds before continuing with the next employee.  If you choose <Cancel> the process will terminate.


All of the hours on the current timesheets for each employee will be added to create the total hour worked.  The paycheck deductions will be calculated according to the wage and tax settings for that employee.  In automatic mode you may change the values if you have chosen <Yes> above, but you may not delete the check.  <Exit> and <Save> simply complete the process and go to the next employee with current timesheets.


After all of the current timesheets have been processed you will see the check register where you may elect to exit and add more checks (manually) before processing them all or process what you have immediately.


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