Introduction To LodgeWright Web Reservation Service Client


The LodgeWright web reservation service client, called HWIncWebCon, is the connection between LodgeWright and the web reservation web site where your guests will make reservations directly from the web to your front desk.


The log of completed transactions is shown here in its full display mode, where all transactions are shown. The most common type of transaction will be requests for availability information and the response back to the web site with that information. By monitoring these you can get an idea of what people are looking for and whether or not they are actually booking after they inquire. Far fewer of the requests will be actual "Committed" reservation responses, where the guest has followed through after an availability request and made a reservation.

You can set the log display so that only the committed reservations are displayed. This is especially useful for printing a copy of the actual reservations for which you will billed by LodgeWright Web Services.

To use HWIncWebCon you must first have installed and run LodgeWright, set up your inventory and rate codes, and established the web reservation rules for your inventory codes, or room types.

After starting HWIncWebCon for the first time you must go into the Setup menu and set up Trading Partner Identification, being especially careful to enter the password given you. This password is created when your web account is created and must be typed in exactly as it has been given to you. You will not be able to change it.

Then Setup everything in Descriptive Content. This is information that will appear on the web reservation forms communicating your policies to the prospective guest. The help topic for this form will show you where each piece of information is used in the web reservation process so that you can tailor your descriptions appropriately.

Finally set up the web service URL. The default is "localhost", and you will be given a different server name. Type in the name you have been given.

When you are ready turn on Web Service Monitoring and, under the Setup menu, click "Send Descriptive Content Update". This will load your customized descriptions to the web service to be used when someone accesses the web site with your LodgeWright serial number.

In the instructions you have been given there will be specific instructions on how to create a hyperlink to your web reservation service.  When adding this hyperlink to your web site be very careful to type it in exactly as you have been given it.

The LodgeWright Web Reservation Service Client main screen is shown below as it will appear when you have everything running.

The File menu is where you manage the log file of completed transactions.


The Monitor Service menu turns web service monitoring on and off. You MUST be monitoring the web service for prospective guests to be able to check availability and make reservations on your property.


The Setup Menu is where you set up your trading partner identification, policies, and other information necessary for your web reservation service to work properly.


The Utilities Menu allows you to set the refresh time on your log display and manually compact the database.


Context sensitive Help can be accessed at any time by pressing the <F1> key.