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Folio Merge Codes

Folio Merge Codes

Merge codes are special codes that you use in customized folio documents to insert information from a guest folio into the document. Any place in a document that you want personalized information about the guest to appear you place the merge code representing that information EXACTLY as you see it here. Note that each code starts with a left curly bracket and left angle bracket combination," {<". Each code ends with right angle bracket and right curly bracket combination, ">}". The code itself is all capital letters. The font you use in the letter does not matter.

The only merge codes available right now are as follows:

{<DATE>} inserts the current date in the computer.
{<TIME>} inserts the current time in the computer.
{<FIRST NAME>} inserts the first name of the folio.
{<LAST NAME>} inserts the last name of the folio.
{<INIT>} inserts the initial of the primary guest on the reservation.
{<TITLE>} inserts the title of the folio.
{<STREET>} inserts the first street address of the folio.
{<STREET2>} inserts the second street address of the folio.
{<TOWN>} inserts the city of the folio.
{<STATE>} inserts the state of the folio.
{<ZIP>} inserts the zip code of the folio.
{<PHONE>} inserts the telephone number of the folio.
{<FAX>} inserts the fax number of the folio.
{<EMAIL>} inserts the email address of the folio.
{<LICENSE>}, Inserts the current car license from the folio
{<CARD>} inserts the entire credit card number
{<...CARD>} inserts only the last four digits of the credit card number
{<EXDTE>} inserts the expiration date of the credit card

{<DATE IN>} inserts the check in date for the reservation
{<DATE OUT>} inserts the check out date for the reservation.
{<DUE DATE>} inserts the deposit due date for the reservation.
{<DEPOSIT>} inserts the deposit as $###,##0.00.
{<DAYS>} inserts the number of days of the stay.
{<STAY>} inserts the length of stay (exactly as in DAYS, above).
{<PEOPLE>} inserts the total number of people, the sum of people charged and other people.

{<STATUS>} inserts a description of the tax status of the folio
{<ACTNUM>} inserts the name of the account.
{<DSCNT>} inserts the discount CODE used on the reservation.
{<RATE>} inserts the average daily rate as $###,##0.00.
{<RMTAX>} inserts the total room occupancy tax as $###,##0.00.
{<RMTOTAL>}inserts the total room rent
as $###,##0.00.
{<MISCTOTAL>} inserts the total of miscellaneous charges
as $###,##0.00.
{<PHNTOTAL>} inserts the total of phone charges
as $###,##0.00.
{<ALLTOTAL>} inserts the current total bill
as $###,##0.00.
{<BALANCE>} inserts the current balance
as $###,##0.00.

{<ROOM1>} inserts the primary unit label
{<ROOM2>} inserts the second unit label
{<ROOM3>} etc.
{<ROOM4>} etc.
{<CLRKID>} inserts the clerk id of the clerk of record at the time the folio was printed
{<COMT>} inserts the entire text of comments attached to the folio
{<MARKET>} inserts the market source for the guest
{<AGENT>} inserts the company name of a travel agent account if used
{<GRPRMS>} inserts a list of all group rooms attached to a master room
{<RATESBYDAY>} inserts a list of each day's rate for the stay

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